Mission Statement

Our mission is to create uplifting and spiritual experiences via the physical and mundane world that surrounds us. Spiritual meaning can be expressed and infused into our physical space, thereby yielding an imminent elevation. My art classes and books convey inspirational lessons for the visual mind, heart and soul to combine and combust, creating a synthetic harmony that naturally awakens our inner-spirit! When enrobing in clothing that is all-inclusively modest, meaningful, avant-guard, expressive, vibrant, and practical we elevate our body! When our soul emanates through everyday items and the walls in our surround spill over with meaningful art, pillows, mugs, phone cases, etc., our spirit perks, up as it is elevated through our space. When our mind, body, and soul are in sync and stimulated by a transcendental awareness, our elevated space heightens and morphs into a spiritual place.

About Natalia Kadish

Natalia is an award-winning artist and Spiritual Illustrator inspired by the joy received from learning Torah and contemplating the infinite. The daughter of a renowned illustrator Laszlo Kubinyi, Natalia discovered her passion for art at a young age. After graduating with a BA in illustration from School of Visual Arts, she started her journey of blending art and spirituality, with people frequently hiring her to illustrate concepts from the Torah and Kabbalah. Over the years, her work has been displayed in galleries around the world and published in a variety of outlets, including Chabad.org, Jake TV, Pop Chusid, and the Deuteronomy Press.

Thanks to her immense experience, Natalia has become a leading voice on art and spirituality and has even spoken about the subject at the prestigious Cornell University. Currently, she is working on a series of children's books, while using her art to explore the mystical concepts and understandings inspired by her visit to the Artist Colony in Tzfat, Israel. Her goal is to reveal the love in hearts and share her inspiration with all.

Support Natalia's Work

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